Who’s That Girl?

In your spare time, you’re most likely to… Hit the Dance Floor. Check

On a first date, you’d most likely wear… A sexy black dress. Check.

In the yearbook you’d be voted… Biggest Bombshell. Hell yes!

While taking a quiz on the Benefit Cosmetics website to determine which of the three new scents from the Crescent Row collection match my personality, I couldn’t help but think, “What Would Marilyn Do?” The result: My Place Or Yours Gina.

Gina is described as a sinfully sexy woman who lives to seduce, tempt and flaunt. And smells absolutely dreamy! The eau de toilette is a woody oriental fragrance with top notes of pink pepper, bergamot and tangerine; middle notes of peony, wild raspberry and while lily; and bottom notes of patchouli, tonka bean and vanilla bean.

Benefit Crescent Row Fragrances, $45 each at Shopper's Drug Mart

Benefit Crescent Row Fragrances, $45 each at Shopper's Drug Mart

The other two fragrances in the line are Laugh With Me LeeLee, a woody floral, and Something About Sophia, an oriental floral. All three fragrances come in vintage flask-inspired bottles that at 30 ml are easy to toss in your handbag. They’re also housed in adorable boxes that look like townhouses decorated to suit each personality. So what’s in Gina’s flat? Pink heels, a boudoir and champagne of course!

— Jodi Goulart

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