MAC’s Baroque Boudoir

I’ve always been a sucker for pretty packaging and have sometimes bought makeup simply because it looked so lovely, only to discover that what’s on the outside doesn’t mimic what’s on the inside. A great analogy for life? Yes, but I digress. MAC’s new Baroque Boudoir makeup collection has it all — good looks and a luxurious product.

MAC's Baroque Boudoir Collection

The vintage -looking silverized and silk-screened packaging of the lipstick, lipgloss and powder compact are all etched with an ornate filigree that reminds me of damask-printed wallpaper and is perfectly suited for display on my vanity dresser. My favourites from the collection is the Lipstick in Prive, which is a creamy light blue pink and Lipgloss in The Lap Of Luxury, a sheer baby pink with a touch of white and pink pearl. The Baroque Boudoir collection is now in stores.
— Jodi Goulart

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