Photo Finished

I have no problem admitting that I’m envious of Scarlett Johansson. Her curvy pin-up girl figure, raspy voice, wavy locks and husband Ryan Reynolds make me a little green. But what gets me most is her flawless skin! Her makeup always looks impeccable and not in an overly-done way. In an effort to look polished for my own close-up in the light of day as opposed to on a red carpet, I tried the following products with impressive results.

Scarlett Johansson As The Face Of Mango

First I tried L’Oreal‘s new line of Go 360 Degrees Clean Deep Facial Cleansers. For my sensitive skin, the Deep Facial Lotion Cleanser For Sensitive Skin that is both soap- and fragrance free worked wonders. Thanks to the Scrublet, a flexible silicone disc with tiny bristles that clean and exfoliate, I got a deep-down clean. Whereas many cleansers can leave traces of makeup and dirt on my face, I was not only squeaky clean but my skin was also super soft.

L'Oreal Go 360 Degrees Clean Deep Facial Lotion Cleanser For Sensitive Skin, $11.99 at mass market retailers and drug stores

I’m not one to wear full-face makeup, instead I apply and then blend foundation on the darker and sometimes red skin around the sides of my nose, mouth and on my chin. I applied a more than usual amount of Revlon‘s new PhotoReady Makeup on my trouble areas to get the full experience and then finished with the PhotoReady Powder. This line of makeup, which also includes a Translucent Finisher powder, promises to deliver flawless skin whether you’re under indoor fluorescent lighting or outdoor sunlight. I was impressed with the coverage and how long my makeup both looked and felt fresh until the end of the day. It’s on ScarJo!

Revlon PhotoReady Makeup, Powder and Translucent Finisher, $18.95 each at mass market retailers and drug stores

— Jodi Goulart