Anna Sui Beauty Livens Up Drugstore Shelves

Upon hearing that Anna Sui‘s beauty line would be sold in Shopper’s Drug Mart as of May, I shrieked with glee like a little girl. Most likely because Anna Sui’s line of cosmetics and skincare brings out the girl in me with its fun, glam, rock ‘n’ roll aesthetic and sigh-inducing rose scent. Until now the makeup range was only available at Sears locations making it a tad difficult to get my sweet Sui beauty fix.

Backstage at Anna Sui's Spring 2010 Runway Show

The Spring collection couldn’t be a better way to introduce the New York designer’s makeup collection to drugstores. New for the season is Moisture Rich Fluid Foundation and Moisture Rich Powder Foundation refill. The fluid foundation comes in a rose shaped bottle and gives a poreless smooth finish that promises “beautiful doll skin.” There are also new shades of the Liquid Eye Color that deliver high-pigment pay-off. My favourite shade is #250 a soft metallic purple that’s in trend with this season’s pastel lids. New fiery shades of the Lip Gloss range from baby orange to nude beige and my favourite #309, which is a bright glittery candy pink with a touch of red.

Anna Sui Moisture Rich Fluid Foundation $38

Anna Sui Moisture Rich Powder Foundation $33, Foundation Case $16

Anna Sui Liquid Eye Color in #050 (platinum white) and #350 (lady pink), $23 each

Anna Sui Lip Gloss in #604 (baby orange with aurora red flame), $22

But the highlight from the new collection is the new range of Lip Rouges that come in 4 different variations. Glossy provides a rich high-shine; Dazzle gives your pout a sparkling finish; Vivid comes in super bold colours such as Neon Pink, Deco Orange and even Super Black; and Tint delivers a slight tint to enhance your natural lip colour. With so many choices, my Shopper’s Optimum card is going to be very happy!

Anna Sui Lip Rouge Tint in #350 (baby pink), $25

— Jodi Goulart


Anna Sui Dreams Up A New Fragrance

When I first saw Anna Sui‘s new fragrance Live Your Dream displayed amongst the designer’s aubergine boudoir chairs and lacquered vanity tables in the Sears cosmetics department, I was immediately intrigued — and concerned. Live Your Dream is housed in the same vintage scrolled bottle with a rose topper as Sui’s first fragrance, simply known as Classic. Could this be replacing the boho rock ‘n’ roll designer’s Classic? The same one that I bought 10 years ago for the first time in France at Sephora when the cosmetics behemoth had not yet crossed shores? The same scent that still takes me back to Paris with a single sniff and that my boyfriend recognizes as “my scent”?

Backstage At Anna Sui Fall 2009

Backstage At Anna Sui Fall 2009

Live Your Dream does have some olfactory similarities to its predecessor. Both eau de toilettes have woody and musky base notes and a heart of rose and jasmine, but the top notes that you first notice are where the similarities end. Where Classic has a powdery and musky top note dominated by Bergamot, Live Your Dream has a fruity floral mix of Lily of the Valley, Waterflower Accord and White Pepper. Without any bottles of Classic on the shelf in Sears, Live Your Dream is going to have a tough time filling that shelf space in my heart.

Anna Sui Live The Dream Eau de Toilette, $70 for 50 ml and $54 for 30 ml at Sears

Anna Sui Live The Dream Eau de Toilette, $70 for 50 ml and $54 for 30 ml at Sears

— Jodi Goulart